Personal Cosmetic Palette

The Personal Cosmetic Palette is just that, a convenient Palette for your cosmetics. It makes the organization of your makeup and personal care products as easy as a “paint by number” kit.  The best part is you use the cosmetics you already have!  Simply apply the included Velcro hooks to your products and they are ready to be a part of your pCP.


Imagine waking up in the morning, going to your bathroom cabinet, dresser, or vanity, pulling out the Personal Cosmetic Palette, opening it and applying your makeup. No more arranging each little container on your vanity or bathroom sink.


Just think how much easier life could be as you prepare for the day, just open your Personal Cosmetic Palette  where all of your cosmetic needs are organized and ready for use. Then just as you walk out the door, just toss your Personal Cosmetic Palette into your briefcase or gym bag. When it’s time to travel, pop your Personal Cosmetic Palette right into your suitcase. You will never have that “Am I forgetting something” feeling again.

For your convenience the Cosmetic Palette comes in an array of sizes and colors. There’s one for every cosmetic lifestyle.